Easy Branding Tips For Small Business

Are you looking for quick ways to establish your brand in your niche? Here are some ways to do it.

Decide the image that you want to present to your customers.

Do you want to be seen as the biggest player in the industry? What about the first in introducing the product or service? Decide on your business image then move to the next step.

Pick a business name that suits your brand.

Ever wonder why some brands choose the words ‘King’, ‘Queen’, ‘First’ and ‘Best’ to be included in their business names? This is because they want to establish their business as such. I suggest that you be creative in thinking of your business name but make sure that this is something that is easy to say and spell. Go to the next tip to know why it is important.

Make it easy for them to search for your business.

If you choose a business name that is easy to remember (and spell) then you’re helping your potential customers to know more about you. Most consumers today just use the internet so make sure they can easily remember your business name as they type your name in a simple Google search.

Grab that domain name that matches your business name.

Not all small business owners do this, only to find out that their names were already taken by other people that will later approach them to sell these domains for more than 10 times their value. It is just cheap to grab your domain, cheaper than settling for a thousand dollars or more when you opt to buy this from domain marketplace.

Get the services of a designer to create your business logo.

Image speaks a lot when it comes to establishing your brand so it is best to take time in choosing the best logo to represent your business. Get the professional services of a logo designer, tell them about your business and choose the best logo design to use for your signages, business documents and other marketing collaterals.

What about you? Can you add some more to the list?


Insights In Creating Videos For Your Small Business

Pictures talk but videos take one’s hand to make your business succeed.

Gone are the days when you just rely on photos to introduce your business. Now, you need well done videos to get the attention of your target market.

Do you need to fork over a huge amount to produce high quality videos for your business? I don’t think so. All you need is to invest in a simple yet quality video recorder, microphone and lighting system then you can record your videos.

You can start with some simple, short ones while you are learning the basics in creating your own business videos. Then you can proceed to recording longer ones as you become comfortable in facing and talking in front of the camera.

Another option is to hire the services of a local video production company. You don’t need to invest on video recorder equipment and hire a regular video guy, just phone them when you need their services, set an appointment and you’re on your way to present professional videos for your business.

Top Insights On Keeping Your Customers

How much do you value your customers? How much are you willing to spend to keep them loyal to your brand.

I ask this because keeping your most loyal customers cost less than attracting new ones. Just check the rest on this infographic to know what I mean.

That made me think about my customers. I know that I have been doing my best to keep them, but now I understand that I need to think of more creative ways to have their loyalty without breaking the bank.
Feel free to check out the infographic again in case you missed some important points when it comes to meeting the expectations of your customers. Being nice to them isn’t a guarantee that you will get repeat transactions with them. You have to couple it with quality product and service to make them come for more.
How about you? How do you keep your ‘fans’ happy?

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